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Hamilton mayor brings back Australia a wedding tradition Hamilton kelly yaede remembers some of the first emails she fielded shortly after nov.30, when she assumed township mayoral duties:Requests to speak with her, for her to appear at local events, and for her to lower taxes. Then Dresses Australia came a surprise:Requests for her to perform marriage ceremonies, a longstanding township staple that for the past five years had lapsed under her predecessor. Now, as part of sweeping changes yaede hopes will distinguish her administration from those of her predecessor, removed from office amid a bribery scandal, she bringing it back. Get to be a part of a special day for a couple, she said.One of the most truly enjoyable duties.Her reasons:Nostalgia for tradition, and her fondness for the idea that she the township firstever female mayor is the one bringing weddings back. Her ceremonies, she said, last 20 minutes, are open to 25 guests of the couple choosing and are free save for reimbursement Cheap Mother of the Bride Dresses of a $28 license application and $5 fee to print hard copies of the certificate after the ceremony. Yaede said she does recommend that couples make donations to their charity of choice. If asked for ideas, she said she recommends the hamilton animal shelter, for which she has a soft spot. Yaede will do weddings on thursdays, and she will perform the ceremonies anywhere in the township. Aside from the hamilton municipal building, she said, the most popular venues are Graduation Dresses Australia sayen gardens and kuser mansion. Couple demographics vary, yaede said, and include young and old, firsttimers and those remarrying for a second or third time, but most wedding candidates are township residents.

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