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Actor shares his stories at the city of the town of jacksonville university Jacksonville university or is a far cry from pandora, the verdant alien homeland from smash hit film"The movie avatar, The private college campus isn't covered in a kaleidoscopic array of foliage or inhabited by native, pink humanoids. Nevertheless stephen lang, the chameleon like character actor who played the cutthroat antagonist in your grossing film of all time, said the school's natural splendor could easily translate to the silver screen. "I took a tour of campus today, and i just felt, 'how fantastic is this?Or"Lang explained. "All the real"Real spanish"Moss on the trees, you don't need much more than this.It provides a pandoran exoticism to it, Lang, the keynote speaker for today's ju school ceremony, spoke with the occasions union friday night.Several minnutes later, he sorted out a crowd of alumni and students in the school's terry theater for an"Contained in the actors studio"Style talk. The acting professional, clad in a as well as white gray outfit balanced by a pair of scuffed cowboy boots and a close cropped haircut, said he was a little weary and very jet lagged after a few days of continent hopping.This week's program took him from the set of the"Conan one particular barbarian"Remake in getaway, to an advertising stop in london for the"The movie avatar"Dvd release and back to the northeastern. He was joined on stage by important ju alumnus and veteran hollywood producer, honest pace. Lang said he was approached by pace to speak at ju's college because of his own experience at a small, generous arts school.He been paid to swarthmore, a philadelphia private college with a similar enrollment to ju. The show business veterans have been Pandora Beads: friends for many years, and they shared stories about their time in the film industry and fielded questions from vistors. Bill mountain, ju's dean of first-Rate arts, served as moderator and walked the listeners through a video pastiche of characters, outfits and accents comprising some of lang's most well-Known roles. Derived from one of clip, he was a famous civil war general.In an additional, he morphed into a drunken gunslinger hell bent on payback. Ju president kerry romesburg told the times union the homepage here in march that the announcement of lang as ju's graduation speaker had whipped the scholars into a frenzy. "It doesn't get more current than a star from the biggest movie on the earth, romesburg told. "This speaker has children more excited than any i can remember,

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